Web Application Performance

Achieving Security and Performance with Application Monitoring Solutions

When it comes to implementing new or upgraded applications into an enterprise, the majority of IT departments are typically more concerned with the security and stability of such applications rather than the overall performance of these page elements. However, as research has shown, the majority of users are more concerned with the performance of an application. They expect the host of an application to take necessary security protocols without experiencing a drop in performance or functionality. Therefore, one of the most important processes that must be present on the minds of application developers is how to sustain security without altering the performance of applications?

While the answer to this question can vary, the fundamental truth is when an application is stable and performing at optimum capabilities, its security is simultaneously strong. The only way for an application to succeed is for its physical and virtual components to be stable. The only way for these components to be stable is through effective monitoring for both performance and security.

In order to sustain a secure and stable application, it’s imperative that all parts are monitored through a well-equipped application monitoring solution. These tools continually monitor and manage the activity within the application. By establishing a performance and security baseline, any and all deviations from this threshold are instantly reported. It’s through this reporting feature, corrections may be implemented before errors or security threats are able to develop and grow.

Effective Monitoring Techniques

Of course, there are many different ways you may monitor your applications. Some techniques are solely based upon the size, scope and infrastructure of an application while others are directly influenced by the amount of traffic experienced. Regardless, there are several fundamental monitoring techniques you must implement to sustain security and stability.

The first of these is end-to-end monitoring. This broad scope monitoring level captures data starting from the opening of an application and throughout its various communications with servers and databases. The only way to ensure the entire infrastructure of an application is healthy and operating within its desired thresholds is through end-to-end web application monitoring. There are many services that offer this level of monitoring; however, it’s important to select a tool capable of supporting your unique and dynamic application as well as one capable of expanding as your applications evolve.

Next, and perhaps the most important, application monitoring technique is known as transaction monitoring. As a user engages with an application, it communicates with servers and databases through a series of transactions. These bits of information are the lifeblood of an entire application. Transaction monitoring literally monitors the health and performance of these transactions while gathering data for in-depth reports and logs regarding the efficiency and performance of an application.