Application Monitoring Infrastructure

Top Priorities for Application Monitoring


As the new era in applications and website developments continues to evolve and become more complex, the priorities of application monitoring are simultaneously evolving. IT developers and application administrator’s must shift their focus to ensure their applications sustain optimum performance levels based upon new and dynamic technologies. While actual priorities are based upon your unique application infrastructure and its intended purpose, the following priorities are considered toe universal among all applications.

Universal Priority – Operational Efficiency

As Web applications become more dynamic, and with more and more applications utilizing both local and virtual components, the need for operational efficiency is greater than it’s ever been before. Because of this, the majority of application developers state their top priority is working on ways to improve operational efficiency within application development, monitoring and deployment. While there are many ways to accomplish this goal, by implementing a well-equipped application monitoring solution, the needs and requirements of management and monitoring are streamlined into a single interface. This consolidating of control panels works to streamline communication between applications and IT team.

Integration of Public Cloud Storage for Applications

The use of the cloud in the digital realm is growing with each passing day. Due to the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, many application developers and network administrator’s chose to access public cloud storage to host application components and operations. In fact, a recent study found that 25 percent of all application developers are currently developing new applications on public clouds. Moreover, nearly 20 percent of existing applications are beginning to migrate to the public cloud.

Increased Awareness of Specific Components

Due to the increase of digital communication between businesses and customers, many application developers have found a need for three specific types of application monitoring. These include:

  • Application Transaction Analytics
  • Clickstream Analytics
  • Log File Analytics

With these three specific monitoring techniques, administrator’s have full control over the operation and performance of their applications. It’s only when you have this information an application is able to be fully understood and supported.

Highlight Mobile Development and Support

The majority of new customers and visitors come from mobile devices. In fact, experts within this field project the use of mobile devices will soon outweigh the use of traditional online platforms, such as desktop computers. Because of this, application developers must highlight the development and support of mobile applications. For many, this is a new realm. Therefore, in order to retain a successful venture, you must implement an effective mobile application monitoring solution, which works much like its traditional counterpart; however, its primary monitoring agents are geared toward the unique challenges and infrastructure avenues found only with mobile application environments.